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Profile of Bhakti Sharma

Me She is an open water swimmer who comes from the desert land of Rajasthan, India. Bhakti Sharma was introduced to deep waters by her mother-cum-coach, Leena Sharma at two and a half years of age. Twenty one years of hard work later, she holds the distinction of being the youngest female swimmer in the world to swim in 4 oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic) and 7 seas.

     Starting off with her sport in the limits of the pool, Bhakti was a regular podium finisher season after season. Seeing her medal tally rise steeply, perhaps, her coach could sense that swimming in pools was not doing justice to her talent. Bhakti was destined for bigger things.Leena Sharma then made a decision that would change her daughter’s life for the better. She took Bhakti out of the bounds of a pool and transformed her into an open water swimmer.
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  • Arctic Ocean Swim
  • Atlantic Ocean Swim
  • Indian Ocean Swim
  • Pacific Ocean
  • English Channel
  • Gulf Of Mexico Swim
  • Zurich Marathon

Team Members


  • Mr. Dilip Singh Chouhan (Rajasthan)
  • Mr. Mahesh Paliwal (Rajasthan)
  • Mr Prem Gajinkar (Mumbai)
  • Mr. Ajit Thakur
  • Mr. Willam Dsouza
  • Mr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma
  • Mrs. Leena Sharma


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